Everything you need to coach the members of your team to their full potential -- all in one place.

Tools and resources to manage and document every critical element of your coaching process -- securely and reliably ready for you in the cloud. Designed and supported by the on-camera performance coaching experts at barrynashandcompany.com

What You Can Do with TV HeadCoach®

TV HeadCoach

Collect and store feedback from other managers and colleagues.

Success for any staff member begins by understanding what you and other key leaders on your team envision and expect

TV HeadCoach

Collect and store viewer feedback.

Of course, no voice is more important than the voice of the viewer.

TV HeadCoach

Securely document and prioritize coaching recommendations.

The best and most effective coaching does more than tell people what to do.

TV HeadCoach

Make recommendations using our exclusive library of Best Practice Recommendations or customize your own.

When we identify something that works, it's stored here in a way that makes it easy for you to share with others on your team.

TV HeadCoach

Hold your team members accountable for working to get better.

TV HeadCoach® makes it easy for them to request feedback on their work and progress from you and others.

TV HeadCoach

Schedule coaching and followup coaching sessions.

All you do is enter who you want coached, who you want to do the coaching and how often you want the coaching to happen.

Who Can Use TV HeadCoach®

TV HeadCoach® is always free and available to coaching clients of Barry Nash & Company and is available for license to those who prefer to do coaching themselves or through other firms. Use the form below to contact us about a demo. We'd love to show you how it works!

About us

TV HeadCoach® was conceived and designed under the direction of Barry Nash, based on over 30 years coaching television news and sports talent in markets of all sizes and at all levels of ability.

Barry Nash & Company operates TV HeadCoach® as part of the firm’s commitment to provide the resources that talent and their managers need to achieve “Breakthrough Performance” — delivery that engages the minds and hearts of viewers, demands their attention and inspires their loyalty.

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